Article Marketing Directories

Article Marketing Directories That Help You Gain Backlinks and Authority

There are many article directories available online. However, not all of them allow backlinks. You’ll also discover that search engines list some directories higher than others in ranking.

One of the main article marketing directories you may already know about is Ezine Articles – but that’s just one among hundreds of places that you can place your content and gain valuable backlinks as well as establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Buzzle allows you to submit articles and under the author name as a hyperlink, you’ll get a backlink to your website. Not only do you get a backlink, but Buzzle is ranked as one of the top ten article directories – which means their ranking will help your site get noticed.

Besides Buzzle, there’s also Searchwarp, where authors can have photos of themselves as well as post backlinks in their bio information. Article Dashboard is another directory in the top ten ranking and by submitting content there, you can use the resource box to place a backlink to your site.

GoArticles is another top ten ranked article marketing directory and by joining this directory, you’ll be able to direct traffic to your site in the ‘about the author’ section or in the content itself.

Understand that each of the above mentioned article directories have varying rules for posting articles and you’ll want to make sure you understand their terms of service before you submit.

You don’t want to miss the opportunities these directories offer. Yes, they’re getting free content – but you’re benefiting from their established ranking, so it’s a good trade off for both parties.

Articles Base is a directory that will give users the benefit of posting a profile picture (every marketer knows that using a photo helps build trust), allow the public to contact the author (great way to get leads) and also lets those who submit articles place backlinks in the about the author box as well.

You can post articles in, but watch out for product promotion. However, if you’re an Amazon affiliate and are looking to promote reviews, then this would be a good place to do that.

Finally, Article City is another directory that allows backlinks and other information about your business. With article directories, be aware that your content can also be used by others. Some article marketing directories are not as liberal and are narrowed down by niches (such as WebProNews) but the submission guidelines for these sites tend to be very strict.

Taking the time (or hiring someone) to write articles for article directories is one way to get your name out online, create recognition for your website and give you the title of expert in your niche.

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