Graphics You’ll Need for Your Online Sales

Graphics You’ll Need for Your Online Sales

No matter what you’re trying to sell, graphics play an important part in convincing your customers to buy your product. Visitors make assumptions about your business based on your website graphics.

If you have poorly designed or outdated graphics, they’re going to assume that your product is shoddy and unprofessional. But if you have well designed graphics, then visitors are going to assume your service is top notch and professional. There are a few graphics that come into play when visitors view your web page.

One of the most important graphics on your website is the header. This is usually the first thing to load on a website and it needs to reflect well on your business. A header doesn’t have to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. You can get an image from a stock photography website like and have a designer use that for your header or have them use images in their own stock.

Choose colors for your header that complement your website. When it comes to choosing graphics for your site, remember that colors can influence buyers. For instance, the color red can signify danger, love, heat, or passion.

Knowing how colors affect buyers will allow you to choose the best color scheme for your graphics. Make sure you choose clear, easy to read text for your header. If visitors can’t read your header, they might leave your website. We live in a ‘give it to me now’ world and people don’t have the patience to put up with sites that don’t deliver the information they want in a clear manner.

Once you have a header graphic that works for your website, it’s time to design the other graphics you’ll need. Whether you pay someone else or design them yourself, it’s important that your website background and footer match the color scheme in the header as well. The best thing to do is choose one main color and two complementing colors to give your site a fresh, clean look.

After your header, footer and background are designed, there are still a few more things you’ll need, including an ecover (an ecover is an image meant to portray your product in a more realistic way – such as resembling a book or an actual box if it’s software, etc.).

And you’ll also need an order now button. You want to get some affiliate banners in a variety of sizes for those who will promote for you. Great graphics will convert your visitors into paying customers.

Part of the problem with graphics is that they can be expensive. So many try taking the ‘do it yourself’ route – which winds up looking amateurish. Try finding a good graphic web designer who has all in one packages – complete minisite specials with header, footer, background, ecovers, order buttons and more already included!