Top Work at Home Reviews

Top Work at Home Reviews

You’ve seen a product that you want to try, but as a precaution, you check out the reviews. What you see written seems pretty good to you, but hold on a second before you buy! How do you know what you’re reading is a real review of if it’s fake?

There are a few ways you can spot a phony review from a real one. First, what kind of language is the review in? Is there a lot of ‘you better buy it now’ hype? Watch out for over the top reviews. Like, ‘This product guaranteed I would earn $1,000 my first month. Well, I didn’t! I earned $3,000!” Is the person doing a review someone who has done other reviews?

Beware of the Pollyanna reviews. ‘This product is wonderful. It made my life wonderful. You can be wonderful, too.” In other words, there are never any negative points made about the product. An honest site won’t mind showing you the bad as well as the good.

Someone who owns a product and has a review that says, “Well, this didn’t work for me” up on the site isn’t afraid to show you that the product may not be for everyone. But you don’t know if the person who bought it just didn’t take the steps to make the product work.

Some products don’t work for all users. There could be any number of reasons for a negative review. And sometimes you’ll see a good mix and pros and cons. These are generally the most honest ones.